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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find a solution to your question here, don't hesitate to ask us via whatsapp by clicking on the message icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
How can I make a reservation?
Online booking is the easiest, quickest and most secure way to guarantee availability on the date(s) you require. You can also send us a whatsapp message to +33(0) 661 680 661 or send us an e-mail to, specifying the details below so that we can limit the number of exchanges and guarantee an optimum response time should we already be at sea.
  1. LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (only those of the person making the reservation)
  2. COMPANY NAME (if you are contacting us on behalf of a company)
  3. Postal address (if you would like an invoice for your reservation / deposit)
  4. E-mail (for sending invoice)
  5. Date and desired outing (to know our availabilities)
  6. Number of guests (because the price of privatization varies according to the number of people and the cost per person is degressive)
/!\ If you can't find the answers you're looking for on this site, please send us a whatsapp message to +33(0) 661 680 661.
Average response time: 30 minutes (daytime 8am to 8pm - 7 days a week)
What are the terms of payment?
We accept payment by credit card and bank transfer. Fill in all the fields to receive an invoice (which cannot be modified once payment has been confirmed). Payment is made in full. The easiest and most secure way to quickly check availability and guarantee your reservation.
  • Payment and booking by message.
If you have chosen to book by message whatsapp at +33(0) 661 680 661 or mail to resa@nomadcatamaran.comand specify the elements required for the latter. (noted in the previous question "How can I book?")In return, we will send you a payment link for a deposit of 30% of the total amount due. (or a minimum of €100) to be paid by credit card or bank transfer. Once this deposit has been paid, we will block the reservation. The balance must be paid at the latest, for individuals, on the day of departure, directly on board, by credit card or in cash; for companies, 48 hours before departure, using the same method as for the deposit. Don't forget to mention your postal and email address when booking if you would like to receive an invoice (for more information, see the question "Can I receive an invoice?"). New this year: Share the payment! In fact, create your own group and pay together! In this case, reservations can only be made by whatsapp message to +33(0) 661 680 661, specifying the following details:
  1. LAST NAME, FIRST NAME**(for reservation captain only)
  2. Preferreddate and outing** (to check availability)
  3. Number of participants** (because the price of privatization varies according to the number of people and the cost per person is degressive)
  4. Number of rules** (may differ from number of participants)
  5. Postal address* (in order to issue the reservation / deposit invoice)
  6. E-mail* (to send invoice)
**Mandatory fields to guarantee multiple payment. *Mandatory fields for invoicing. We then divide the total amount calculated from the number of participants by the number of settlements, giving the amount of each share. A payment link corresponding to the amount of a share and acting as a deposit, will therefore be sent to the reservation captain by whatsapp in order to proceed directly to payment from his smartphone. Once payment has been confirmed, the reservation is automatically blocked. The remaining shares must be paid on board on the day of departure, by credit card or in cash.
/!\ REMINDER: If you wish to be invoiced, please specify this when booking, adding the company name if you are contacting us on behalf of a company. All excursions must be paid for in full before departure. We prefer full online payment, so you can relax on the day of the service.
Can I receive an invoice?
Yes, in this case please book by whatsapp to +33(0) 661 680 661 or by email to, specifying the details below so that we can send you a quote in due form. A deposit of 30% will be requested on acceptance of this estimate, and an invoice will be sent to you on receipt of full payment, mentioning the deposit and the balance.
  1. LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (only those of the person making the reservation)
  2. COMPANY NAME (if you are contacting us on behalf of a company)
  3. Postal address
  4. E-mail (for sending invoice)
  5. Date and desired outing (to know our availabilities)
  6. Number of guests (because the price of privatization varies according to the number of people and the cost per person is degressive)
/!\ Without one of these indications, we will be unable to provide you with availability and a compliant invoice.
What are the cancellation conditions?
Free cancellation up to 72 hours before departure. You will be reimbursed in full by the same means used for booking within a few days of confirmation from us. If you fail to do so, you will be refunded in the form of a credit note, which you can use as a gift voucher on the website to make a new reservation within 18 months.

In the event of cancellation on our part or due to bad weather conditions preventing the excursion from taking place, you will be fully reimbursed by the same means used for booking within a few days of confirmation from us.

For more details, see our general terms and conditions.
What snacks, drinks and meals are provided on board?
Depending on the service you choose, you'll be offered a variety of snacks, including breakfast, lunch or aperitif, in sweet and savory cakes, salads, wines, hot and cold drinks, not forgetting the captain's cocktail.

  • 1/2 Day MORNING: Breakfast: sweet cakes, muffins, fruit, tea and coffee, fresh juice - Extra meal
  • Full day: Breakfast and Aperitif Extra meal
  • 1/2 Day SUNSET: Aperitif - Extra meal
  • SUNSET Day: Snack and Aperol meal extra

  • Breakfast: sweet cakes, muffins, fruit, tea and coffee, fresh juice
  • Aperitifs: Captain's ti-punch, rosé, snacks and savoury cakes
  • Meals (optional): Salads to share, quiches, fruit, desserts of the moment, tea and coffee - Price 30€ / person
  • Dinner (optional): Rosé, pissaladière, charcuterie, cheese, fruit and desserts of the moment - Price €30 / person

All our products are fresh and seasonal, prepared by our local caterer.

In line with our "No Plastic" ethos, everything is supplied on board, and served in wooden, stainless steel or recycled material holders.

You'll also find self-service fresh still and sparkling water and fresh juices on board.

On our website, in the "MENU" tab, you'll find our meals and the list of allergens.
How do I find you?
Our catamaran, the NOMAD2, is located at Port de la Rague in Mandelieu la Napoule. Below is a Google Maps link to the port: NOMAD - Aventure Catamaran : Port de la Rague, 06210 Mandelieu-la-Napoule
or visit our contact page or click on the "message" button at the bottom right of this page, then click on the "google maps" button to go to the page and calculate your route directly on your smartphone from your position. Once in port, the catamaran is moored at the far end of pontoon 12 (behind the harbourmaster's office). Or wait for us at the harbor office and we'll come and pick you up.
Are you open all year round?
Yes, we're open all year round!

Our peak season runs from April to October, and our winter season from November to March.

Take advantage of reduced off-season rates and enjoy our beautiful Mediterranean all year round!
Is parking easy?
Free parking :

Free parking is available at the GPS point indicated (many spaces available in the morning). Once you've parked your car, take the bridge over the railroad and then the stairs down to the port. If you can't find any spaces available in this parking lot, you'll have to enter the port (paid parking lot - rates shown at the entrance).

Then head for the far end of pontoon 12 (the pontoon just behind the harbour master's office).

Boat : NOMAD2

Don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulties, or wait for us at the harbor master's office, and we'll come and pick you up.
What are the privatization times?
- 1/2 Day MORNING (4h): 8h-12h
- DAY (8h): 9h-17h
- 1/2 day SUNSET (4h) between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm
- SUNSET DAY (8h): 1:30-9:30 pm

Schedules can also be adapted to suit the season, your needs and our availability.
Are there any additional costs?
No, all our privatizations are "all inclusive" and nothing else is planned. Everything is included, from the smallest of activities (excluding events) to the meals and snacks served on board.

Port charges of €60 (incl. VAT) may apply if you wish to be picked up and dropped off at a port other than our home port, Port de la Rague in Mandelieu-la-Napoule. In fact, ports charge professionals a fee for access to their reception pontoon on both the outward and return trips.
What do I need to bring for the sea trip?
Dress appropriately for the time of year and the service you've chosen (morning or evening sunset). A large part of the boat is shaded, so you can enjoy the sun on the roof or directly on the water on the platform and stand-up paddle boards.

So remember to bring a towel, bathing suit, hat or cap and sun cream. We advise you to bring along a windbreaker, just in case, whatever the season.
Don't forget your camera to capture these precious moments.

Everything else is provided on board. Please don't bring plastic water bottles, in keeping with our "Say no to plastic" ethic. Fresh still and sparkling water is available on board.
What equipment is on board?
The NOMAD2 is a pleasant, comfortable 11m x 6m catamaran, providing safety both at sea and at anchor. A wide range of equipment is available, including :
  • Toilets and changing room
  • Deck showers
  • Kitchen with refrigerator
  • Shaded dining area
  • Sun awning
  • Bench seating and sun loungers
  • Bluetooth music player
  • Inflatable Platform
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards and 2
  • Big SUP
  • Fins, masks and snorkels
  • Underwater scooters
  • Safety equipment and life jackets
For more details, please visit our catamaran page.
Do you have any discounts?
We've launched a loyalty program!

You receive a 5% discount on your second outing (excluding meals).

From the third outing onwards, you become a loyal NOMAD member and benefit from a 10% discount on each outing (excluding meals), i.e. over €100 off.

Our winter outings are also at reduced prices! Enjoy our excursions all year round!
How do I use the online discount?
It's easy to use the online discount code:
  1. Select your excursion or privatization.
  2. Select the desired date.
  3. Add to basket.
  4. Click on "I have a promotional code" and enter the current code.
  5. Click on "add" and the discount will be applied automatically.
  6. Then proceed to online payment.
/!\ The discount code is sent by whatsapp to all our regular and loyal customers.
What's the best time for an excursion?
Our excursions are mainly in the morning and at sunset.
- In the morning, the water is calm, there's no wind and less boat traffic. It's the perfect time for an initiation or to discover the creeks and inlets by stand-up paddle. The light is lovely at this hour, and the water is clear and turquoise. It's not too hot yet, and swimming is pleasant.
- In the afternoon, there's a lot of boat traffic, and the sea is rougher because the wind (thermal) often picks up from midday onwards, when the sun is at its zenith and the weather is at its hottest. There are also fewer places. On a day trip this is not a problem as we have been in place since the morning... So we enjoy the afternoon relaxing and napping in the shade...before taking advantage of the thermals to hoist the mainsail and sail with the wind!
- In the late afternoon or evening, the boats return to port, leaving us once again with a calm stretch of water to enjoy stand-up paddling and swimming in warm water ... with the magnificent colors of the sunset ... a truly timeless moment!
Is the boat safe?
Our wide cockpit and high freeboards provide a comfortable, safe space even for small children. During navigation, no movement is permitted.
Sailing is provided by a professional skipper with a diploma in first aid.

What's more, life jackets are at your disposal and within easy reach throughout the trip.
Are the activities suitable for children?
Everyone is welcome on board, but only those who can swim are allowed to take part in stand-up paddle activities.

Life jackets are provided for both sailing and sporting activities. Child-friendly vests are also available. Stand-up paddling can be practised from an early age and requires no special conditions.

We do, however, recommend that children aged 10 and over should do this alone. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult.
Can you get seasick?
Seasickness or naupathia is a form of kinetosis (motion sickness) caused by a malfunction of the inner ear. At sea, the pendulum created by water movement disturbs the information sent to the balance center in the inner ear. The higher you are in the water, the greater the pendulum effect, which is why seasickness is more common on big boats than on small ones, where the center of gravity is much lower.

What's more, our outings are often planned in calm weather, which limits this pendulum effect, and our Mediterranean offers us exceptional stretches of water, especially in the mornings and evenings. We've never had anyone complain of seasickness on any of our excursions. Should this be the case, please let us know as soon as you arrive so that we can offer you a "mer calme", which should preferably be taken several minutes before departure.
What health measures have been taken against COVID19?
Following the health crisis, we implemented procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

- We make a point of cleaning and disinfecting the boat (inside and out) and all nautical equipment after each outing, using environmentally-friendly products, as we always have done and as part of our daily routine.
- On-board sanitary facilities with water and soap for regular hand-washing.
- Single-use hydroalcoholic gels, masks and hand towels made from recycled paper.

To adopt barrier measures :
- Online payment recommended (New: shared payment available).
- We only offer boat privatization, so that you can share this moment with friends and family.
- To support you, our crew members are trained in barrier procedures.

Our business is a great way to get away from it all, a good way to stay away from the crowds, even at the height of the season.

Looking for an experience?

Discover our many events and privatizations organized throughout the year around stand up paddle ... Treasure hunt, Paddle Yoga, SUP Polo, Relay race, Fireworks, and much more!

Whether private or professional, we can tailor-make your event or day at the date of your choice and according to our availability. For more information, visit our "privatization" and "events" pages.


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